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No updates here for a looong time.

I’ve been working on some new acid house/techno stuff with Dave, DC Bell. Weve been working on getting a live set together, and also just jamming on a bunch of cool tunes using hardware only; no computers, automation, edits, just hardware down to multitrack and/or stereo mix.

Weve put the best of the rest on Soundcloud as a free EP for download/listening, check it out;


For simplicity we’ll still be called ‘Paradigm X’ at this stage.

We have more better tunes but keeping them under wraps jsut for the moment.

nice juan.


Network Acid (Paradigm X Version)

Howard Beale

My mate Dave, who I’ve been doing some acid/techno stuff recently, has always wanted to make use of a huge sample/rant from the film ‘Network‘.

I then used the basis of the tune to enter a competition on the x0xb0x forum, to win another x0xb0x kit. I obviously had to remove the sample, but the tune won the competition! 🙂 Since I finally finished building the x0xb0x yesterday, it’s definitely time to post the winning tune for your listening or downloading pleasure.

Paradigmx networkacid by Paradigm X


The original version with the sample needs a bit of work, but will be posted too, hopefully with a nifty bit of video editing.



Plastikman – Ask Yourself (Paradigm X Remix)


Burn Studios recently ran a Plastikman remix competition. Plastikmans older stuff (Musik in particular) is some of my favourite, ahem, music ever, so I was delighted to enter. I didnt actually win (there were over 1300 entries!) so here is my entry for your listening and downloading pleasure.

Download 320 MP3

Built around my x0xb0x and AudioRealism’s ADM, its a homage to early Plastikman tracks.

Enjoy =)